The KEF LS50 Meta speakers are highly regarded for their sound quality, build, aesthetics, and Metamaterial technology. You will get super-quality bass quality with the Uni-Q array of LS50 Meta speakers. The Outstanding clarity of the KEF LS50 Meta is what sets it apart and gives you precise imaging and captivating musicality. To do justice to KEF LS50 remarkable capabilities, you have to pair a super-quality amplifier that produces the power and clarity needed to bring out the best in the LS50 Metas.

When you add an amplifier, then it will ensure that the speakers receive an adequate amount of power and control so your KEF LS50 speakers will reach their full potential to give you a clear, dynamic, and detailed soundstage. So while enjoying a movie or music, your ears can pick up subtle nuances you might have missed in the past.

As with the LS50 Meta speakers already, frequency response is already impressive, so when you add an amplifier that can further extend speaker capabilities, you will get a more extended and accurate low-end response, as well as improved high-frequency performance. So a richer bass, more defined midrange, and smoother treble, you will experience that ensure well-balanced and clear sound listening.

As there is a need for additional headroom for handling dynamic peaks in audio signals so, with the addition of an amplifier to the KEF lS50 meta setup, they can generate sudden bursts of sound without distortion, so when you are listening to music genres demands high dynamics, such as classical or rock, you will experience dynamic and engaging listening. So as there are lots of benefits of adding the best amp for kef ls50 meta so, below team fab-audio visual has reviewed top amp models in the lab (which take 3 weeks to select) available in different costs from budget range to expensive.

Best Amplifier For KEF LS50 Meta Speakers Summary

NAD 389 Amplifier Great all-rounder NAD 389 Amplifier Read More See On Amazon
Cambridge Audio AXA35 Amplifier Entry level amp Cambridge Audio AXA35 Amplifier Read More See On Amazon
MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9 Amplifier Best Value MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9 Amplifier Read More See On Amazon
Yamaha A-S501BL Amplifier Hifi Choice Yamaha A-S501BL Amplifier Read More See On Amazon
Marantz PM6007 Amplifier Rock-solid amplifier Marantz PM6007 Amplifier Read More See On Amazon

Best Amplifier For KEF LS50 Meta Speakers Reviews

NAD 389 Amplifier (Image credit: Amazon)

NAD 389 Amplifier

Great all-rounder

We begin with the NAD C398 stereo integrated amplifier, which is an excellent match for KEF LS50 Meta loudspeakers. Does NAD C398 is suitable for powering KEF LS50 or offer excellent value for money? Team Fab-Audio Visual will tell you. When I took the test NAD C398 and powered LS50 speakers with it in the lab, I played the Limit to Your Love by James Blake song and heard high-fidelity audio quality from the speakers.

The NAD C398 amplifier looks elegant and comes in a black color design and has a robust construction, and the body has an LCD display on the front for running function name display. Overall in design, I found that the NAD C398 amp features high-quality components, providing an accurate and clean reproduction of signals to kef ls50.

A noteworthy feature of the NAD C398 amplifier is its Class D Asymmetrical PowerDrive amplifier technology which works great and uses switching technology to amplify signals of the audio, resulting in high efficiency and low distortion. Do you love Vinyl records? You will find a built-in phono stage on NAD C398, which is perfect for vinyl enthusiasts as the turntable directly connects with it without the need for an external phono preamp. So keep enjoying the turntable vinyl collection with the utmost fidelity.

The NAD C398 amp has powering capability of 150 watts x 2 channels ( 8 or 4 ohms) 20-20,000 Hz and can power up to 50 watts per channel, so it means kef ls50 speakers will easily power by this amplifier.  You will also find built-in 24-bit/192kHz DAC on NAD C398 amp so you can easily convert your digital audio files, like FLACs or MP3s etc, to analog signals and can play and enjoy audio from KEF meta speakers.

Wireless streaming is also possible with NAD C398 amp as it supports aptX® codec by Qualcomm, so your compressed audio will easily transmit over Bluetooth without losing audio quality. Numerous connectivity options are available on the NAD C398 amplifier back panel, including 2 optical/2 coaxial, three stereo RCA audio inputs, an RS-232C port, a stereo RCA preamp output, a full-size headphone jack, and two binding post speaker connectors pair.

To connect kef ls50 meta with NAD C398, you need a speaker cable. Connect one end of the speaker pair to the “Left” speaker terminals of the NAD amplifier and the other end to the “Left” speaker terminals on the KEF LS50 speakers. For “Right” speaker cables, you just repeat the process.

So my comments for NAD C398 are positive, and I can say the amp is capable of precise audio processing and has good connectivity options. Basically, the KEF LS50 Meta speakers are sensitive and efficient. In this way, they can leverage the power and clarity of the NAD C398, which will be of benefit to them. Overall the NAD C398 is the best amp for kef ls50 meta and will transform your audio experience. Do you have less space in you car? Also check these top slimline subwoofers.

Cambridge Audio AXA35 Amplifier (Image credit: Amazon)

Cambridge Audio AXA35 Amplifier

Entry level amp

After NAD C398, here is another amplifier which is Cambridge Audio AXA35 which you can easily use for Kef LS50 Meta. The Cambridge Audio AXA35 is on the budget side as compared to NAD C398, and you can purchase this amp easily under the $400 range.

The Cambridge Audio AXA35 amplifier body has a Silver color, which looks pretty awesome, and you will find aux input on the front panel (for CD player and smartphone), and there is a White display screen that you can utilize to see the input you select, and also you will find Headphone out of 6.3mm on the front side. Inside Cambridge Audio AXA35, there are top quality components installed, which include a Toroidal transformer, damped power supply, high spec heat sink for protection, and short signal paths.

The AXA35 is a 2-Channel amplifier that offers 35 watts per channel into 8 ohms, which should be sufficient for driving most bookshelf speakers like Kef ls50 meta and smaller floor-standing speakers. As compared to NAD C398, you will also find Built-in Moving Magnet Phono-Stage on the backside panel of AXA35 speakers to enjoy a great turntable.

You will find good connectivity options on Cambridge Audio AXA35, including a USB port (5V 500 MA), a 1/4 inch headphone socket, and four analogue inputs (streamer, cd player, tv).25 Inch Jack and 3.5mm Aux to connect multiple devices. With AXA35, you can also connect your Bluetooth receiver and other smart audio streaming devices, such as Google Chromecast Audio.

Moreover, the Cambridge Audio AXA35 has a Frequency response of  (-3dB) 5Hz - 50kHz, SNR Ratio of >82dB, and Input impedance of 47k ohms. So overall, Cambridge Audio AXA35 is the best amp for kef ls50 meta, which will give you an incredible sound experience with outstanding sound quality.

MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9 Amplifier (Image credit: Amazon)

MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9 Amplifier

Best Value

After the Cambridge Audio AXA35 amp, here is MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9, which is more budget-friendly and can get under $300. The design of MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9 is well-balanced and dashing which includes a big size color LCD display on the front.

The output power of the MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9 amp is given below:

  • Deliver 150 watts of power per channel (driving speakers with a 2-ohm impedance)
  • Deliver 90 watts of power per channel (driving speakers with 4-ohm impedance)
  • Deliver 50 watts of power per channel (driving speakers with 8-ohm impedance)

The MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9 contains built-in SMSL SDB, which allows you for sound and treble bass adjustment. The company has installed a class D power amplifier chip which is a popular and high-quality chipset, so that the MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9 will be reducing power consumption. While testing the DA-9 amp, I found Two levels of power input and other connecting options on the back panel. The thing that makes anyone can trust the DA-9 amp is its hires audio certification.

The MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9 amp features CNC precision processing, and it also features Bluetooth 5.0 for audio streaming. You can also remote control the MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9 amp, and when you first control the amp with the remote, first press the A key. So overall, MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9 can easily power your Kef LS50 meta speakers to full potential so you will enjoy good quality sound. The MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9 has an SNR of 11dB and a channel separation of 96 dB.

So overall, the MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9 is the best amp for kef ls50 meta and supports a wide range of connectivity options for multi-device compatibility, including computer, TV, or other audio sources. Do you want to power your active subwoofer?

Yamaha A-S501BL Amplifier (Image credit: Amazon)

Yamaha A-S501BL Amplifier

Hifi Choice

After the MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9 review, I will tell you about Yamaha A-S501BL, a mid-range integrated stereo amplifier under the $600 range. The black addition of Yamaha A-S501BL to your home entertainment setup will give you exceptional audio performance. This A-S501BL amp features an aluminum front panel, and overall it has a sophisticated I/O direct symmetrical design that seamlessly blends into any audio setup.

This A-S501BL amplifier is part of Yamaha’s A-S series, known for producing sound of the highest quality. The A-S501BL features a maximum power output of 85 watts per channel, so your KEF LS50 meta bookshelf speakers will easily drive by this amp. It utilizes Yamaha’s ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) design concept, so the A-S501BL amplifier ensures that the audio signal remains pure and unadulterated during the amplifying process. There is Pure Direct mode in the A-S501BL, which Yamaha has incorporated for a more enhanced listening experience.

When A-S501BL custom-made power transformer is continuously powering KEF LS50 speakers to provide you with anti-resonance and a tough base, then it may get hot, so no worries, there are extruded aluminum heat sinks that will maintain temperature perfectly.

Inside A-S501BL, the company has installed 12,000 µF block capacitors to store more energy significantly and for increased power handling capacity, improved transient response, reduced noise, and longer lifespan.

You will find great connectivity options on A-S501BL by Yamaha with the inclusion of Gold plated digital coax input, TOSLINK optical input, Phono preamp built in, and subwoofer output. You have to connect your KEF meta speakers to Yamaha A-S501BL A and B  selection, and not only that, this Yamaha is also great for Klipsch R26FA speakers, Klipsch Heritage speakers, and Klipsch K100SW powered subwoofers. So overall, the Yamaha A-S501BL is the best amp for kef ls50 meta bookshelf speakers.

Marantz PM6007 Amplifier (Image credit: Amazon)

Marantz PM6007 Amplifier

Rock-solid amplifier

The combination of Marantz PM6007 amp powering KEF LS50 meta is the choice of experts but not everyone can afford that as this amplifier comes under the $700 range. The Marantz PM6007 has the following power capability.

  • 45 watts x 2 channels into 8 ohms 
  • 60 watts x 2 channels into 4 ohms 

Also, you will find AK4490 24-bit/192kHz DAC (digital-to-analog converter) to converter for music files. The Marantz PM6007 features a Beautiful black design, and inside the body, the company has installed a high-current toroidal power transformer for the best power management system.

On Marantz PM6007, you will find the connectivity panel contains Digital inputs (2 optical and one coaxial), a switchable digital filter, five stereo RCA audio inputs, stereo RCA audio outputs (for recording), and mono RCA subwoofer output, so lots of options for connectivity.

The Marantz PM6007 comes with 10-70,000 Hz (+0dB, -1dB) frequency response and more over you will also find a built-in headphone amplifier on this amp, which features a front-panel full-size (1/4-inch) jack so your devices like headphones will perfectly work with more energy. As compared to MOUSAI S.M.S.L DA-9, you can also remote control this Marantz PM6007 amp basic functionalities, and overall it will significantly power your KEF LS50 meta speakers.

Quick Buying Tips

Follow the consideration written by Team Fab-Audio Visual experts, which you have to consider before purchasing the best amp for KEF LS50 Meta speakers.

Power Output

In terms of sensitivity, the KEF LS50 Meta has a rating of 85 decibels which is not great, so that is why amplifiers are required, which will give sufficient power to drive them effectively. So you have to consider an amplifier that provides at least 50 watts per channel at 8 ohms, and for music with a higher volume, the more powerful amp you can also consider for a large room.

Impedance Compatibility

Ensure that the amplifier’s impedance rating matches the KEF LS50 Meta speaker’s nominal impedance (which is usually 8 ohms). If you match impedance, then it will ensure excellent power transfer and performance.

Amplifier Type

For KEF LS50 Meta, you can choose from different types of amplifiers like integrated amplifiers, stereo amplifiers, or power amplifiers, so the choice is yours. I will recommend an Integrated amp as they combine preamp and power amp functions inside it.

Sound Signature

Sound signatures vary from amplifier to amplifier or tonal characteristics. Some types of amplifiers may lean towards warm and smooth sound, while some amplifiers may be more neutral and analytical. So always consider the amp which complements the KEF LS50 Meta’s sound signature to personalize it to your liking.


Follow my advice and always consider amplifiers that feature the connectivity options you need. Sometimes you also need other connectivity options to pair your device. So consider connectivity options such as analog inputs (R.C.A., X.L.R.), digital inputs (optical, coaxial, USB), and wireless connectivity (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.), According to your setup and sources.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

Always choose reputable amplifier brands like Marantz, Yamaha, N.A.D., and well-known audio manufacturers. Manage some time and read reviews and gain more experience in purchasing amps for your Kef Ls50 speakers that are worth your money.


The main part is Budget consideration for the amplifier. Since a more feature-rich amplifier will cost more, the choice is yours.

In A Nutshell

So I hope you have learned about purchasing the best amp for Kef Ls50 Meta. The most in-expensive amplifier on our list is the M.O.U.S.A.I. S.M.S.L. DA-9, which is purchasable under the $300 range. If you increase $100, then Cambridge Audio AXA35 is a great amp that you can get under the $400 range. The two mid-range options, Yamaha A-S501BL and Marantz PM6007 come in price under the $600 to $700 range. The most expensive opinion is the NAD C398 amplifier but Hifi the choice, and if you can afford it, then get it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal power output for KEF LS50 Meta?

The sensitivity of KEF LS50 Meta speakers is 85dB and has 100 watts maximum power handling capacity. So you need to purchase an amplifier that can provide at least 40 watts per channel to get high-quality sound and potential performance from KEF speakers.

Should I prioritize class A, AB, or other amplifier classes for KEF LS50 Meta?

It depends on your budget and personal preferences to choose an amplifier class for your KEF LS50 Meta. Before you purchase, do some research on amplifier classes, as each class has its pros and cons.

Class A is a power-hungry class of amplifier and provides high-quality sound, but more power is consumed, and more heat is generated by the amplifier. The amplifier of Class AB amplifiers are more affordable than Class A amplifiers and provide excellent efficiency.

How do I match my amp to Kef Ls50 Meta speakers?

You can do three things to match your amplifier ratings with Kef Ls50 Meta, which i am mentioning below:

First, check the Power output of your amplifier and ensure its power ability which must be enough to drive Kef Ls50 speakers. Second, match your amplifier and Kef Ls50 impedance ratings, which must match each other.

Does the amplifier's sound signature impact the LS50 Meta's performance?

Yes, KEF LS50 Meta speakers' sound performance can be influenced by the amplifier’s sound signature, and they will reflect the sound of the amplifier with which you connect to. For example, if you use an amplifier with a warm, lush sound signature, then your LS50 Meta speakers will be warmer and have a lusher sound quality. Another example is if you use the amplifier with a bright, analytical sound signature, then your KEF speakers will produce more brighter sound waves.

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