An Excellent-class car audio system requires a harmonious marriage of amplifiers and subwoofers. The Kicker Comp R 12 and Kicker L7 15 are among the most sought-after subwoofers worldwide. Our listed amplifiers will maximize the performance of the esteemed Kicker Comp R 12 and Kicker L7 15 subwoofers. As part of this endeavor, Team Fab-audio visual will guide you in choosing the perfect wattage match amplifiers that complement the distinctive characteristics of Kicker Comp R 12 and Kicker L7 15 subwoofers.

During this exploration, we will discuss the specifications and unique features of the Kicker Comp R 12 and Kicker L7 15 subwoofers. To identify the best amplification solutions, we will inspect their power handling capabilities, impedance compatibility, frequency response accuracy, and sophisticated control features.

Kicker’s reputation for innovation and precision engineering is well-known to us as audio enthusiasts. The Comp R 12 and L7 15 subwoofers exemplify Kicker’s commitment to delivering immersive sound and deep and super bass production. Both Kicker comp R 12 and l7 subs require a synergistic relationship with an amplifier that is capable of achieving the best results and requires precisely driving and controlling these powerhouses. So check our top amplifier recommendations below:


Required Amplifier Power Rating For Kicker comp r 12 sub

  • For Satisfying Performance: 500-watt Amplifier is enough
  • For High-level volumes: 750-watt or 1000-watt amplifier Requires 

Required Amplifier Power Rating For Kicker l7 15-Inch sub

  • For Good Performance: 900-watt amplifier required.
  • For High Volume: a 1200-watt Or 1500-watt amplifier is needed.

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Best Amplifier For Kicker Comp R 12 And Kicker l7 15 sub Summary

KICKER CXA1200.1 Amplifier Best Value KICKER CXA1200.1 Amplifier Read More See On Amazon
Rockford Fosgate R500-1D Amplifier Best Performance Rockford Fosgate R500-1D Amplifier Read More See On Amazon
Pioneer GM-D8601 Amplifier Best Class Pioneer GM-D8601 Amplifier Read More See On Amazon
Pyle PTA66BT.6 Amplifier Best Wireless Home Audio Amplifier System Pyle PTA66BT.6 Amplifier Read More See On Amazon

Best Amplifier For Kicker Comp R 12 And Kicker l7 15 sub At a Glance:

Best Amplifier For Kicker Comp R 12 And Kicker l7 15 sub Reviews

KICKER CXA1200.1 Amplifier (Image credit: Amazon)

KICKER CXA1200.1 Amplifier

Best Value


Frequency Response: 25-200 Hz | Variable low-pass filter (50-200 Hz, 12 dB/octave)  |  Variable bass boost (0-6 dB at 40 Hz) | Fixed Subsonic Filter: (25 Hz, 24 dB/octave)

The first amplifier on our list is KICKER CXA1200.1 which stands as an exceptional choice for driving the dynamic potential of both the Kicker Comp R 12 and Kicker L7 15 subwoofers. The KICKER CXA1200.1 amplifier is built to provide incredibly strong power and accuracy. It’s a perfect fit for these impressive Kicker subwoofer models, working together seamlessly.

The CXA1200.1 has a power output of 1200 watts at 2 ohms, which means it’s really good at giving the Kicker Comp R 12 and Kicker L7 15 subwoofers the right amount of energy they need. In turn, these subwoofers produce bass that is both deep and impactful. The RMS power rating of KICKER CXA1200.1 matches with both Kicker comp r 12 and Kicker l7 15 subs, and you can power them with CXA1200.1 amp from 600 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms to 1200 watts RMS +/-10% x 1 at 1 ohm to get superior sound quality.

The KICKER CXA1200.1 is designed with a smart Class D design that makes sure it gives out a lot of power without getting too hot, which helps it stay reliable over time. Plus, it’s made as a mono subwoofer amplifier, which seems like a good match for Kicker subs.The KICKER CXA1200.1 amp also boasts a variable low-pass crossover and a subsonic filter and provides meticulous control over the frequency range, enabling precise tuning to extract the best audio performance from the subwoofers. 

The design of KICKER CXA1200.1 amps is simple, compact, and looks elegant, but on the body design, you will find both sides have a connectivity panel installed. On the first body side, CXA1200.1, you will find Inputs and outputs (L/R), Input level, Gain, X-Frequency (50-200 Hz), Bass Boost (0-6dB), remote bass, and protection and power led light indicator. On the other side of CXA1200.1, you will find preamp inputs and outputs and speaker-level inputs. Overall the KICKER CXA1200.1 has durable construction and reliable protection circuitry to offer a sense of peace during extended listening sessions.

So overall, KICKER CXA1200.1 is a formidable partner for the Kicker Comp R 12 and Kicker L7 15 subwoofer and promises to elevate in-car audio to new levels, and under the $500 range, you can easily purchase it.

Rockford Fosgate R500-1D Amplifier (Image credit: Amazon)

Rockford Fosgate R500-1D Amplifier

Best Performance


Frequency Response: 20-250 Hz | Variable low-pass filter: (50-250 Hz, 12 dB/octave) | Variable bass boost: (0-12 dB at 45 Hz)

After KICKER CXA1200.1, here is another amplifier which is Rockford Fosgate R500-1D which is a powerhouse designed to pair seamlessly with Kicker subwoofers. With a maximum power output of 500 watts RMS at 2 ohms and 250 watts RMS at 4 ohms, this Rockford Fosgate R500-1D amplifier offers a significant punch to drive your Kicker comp r 12  subwoofer to its fullest potential.

As compared to CXA1200.1, this R500-1D is also a Mono subwoofer amplifier and is equipped with Class D circuitry, so even after extended listening sessions, your setup remains steady and reliable. On Rockford Fosgate R500-1D, you will find built-in control features for precise tuning, including a low-pass crossover and adjustable bass boost, so depending on your preferences and Kicker subwoofer specifications, the sound can be tailored to your liking.

The Rockford Fosgate R500-1D body is much stronger and seems compact. You will find Power & Protect indicator, Left/Right Input and Pass-THRU, gain control, Phase control, Low pass Frequency control, Punch base, and Punch level control options. Whereas on the other side of R500-1D, you will find preamp inputs and outputs efficiently utilized. With the R500-1D, the wired remote Punch Level Control is included. So overall, under the $200 range, this Rockford Fosgate R500-1D amplifier is the best amplifier for Kicker Comp R 12 subwoofer.

Pioneer GM-D8601 Amplifier (Image credit: Amazon)

Pioneer GM-D8601 Amplifier

Best Class


Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 240 Hz | Bass Boost Frequency: 50 Hz | Bass Boost Level: 0 dB to 18 dB

After R500-1D, here is the Pioneer GM-D8601 amplifier, which is a more budget-friendly option and under the $200 range available for you. The GM-D8601 utilizes a Class D amplifier design, famous for its acoustic performance and compact size. As compared to R500-1D and CXA1200.1, the  GM-D8601 is also a mono-channel (1-channel) amplifier designed, so your Kicker l7 15 sub is powered primarily by this unit so that you can increase your car’s bass output with it.

The GM-D8601 has  1,600 Watts Max power output is usually expressed in watts RMS (Root Mean Square) and might vary based on the impedance (ohms) of the connected Kicker comp r 12 or other subwoofers. So To drive both Kicker subwoofers, the GM-D8601 delivers high power output.

The design of the GM-D8601 amp is much more premium with, compact and lightweight, which you can easily install to your car audio system. There is a panel on the GM-D8601 amp that contains inputs, gain control and frequency control, but this GM-D8601 amp features fewer sound-controlling features as compared to the R500-1D amp but still power your sub with excellent efficiency. So overall, the Pioneer GM-D8601 is the best amplifier for the Kicker l7 15 subwoofer in the budget range.

Pyle PTA66BT.6 Amplifier (Image credit: Amazon)

Pyle PTA66BT.6 Amplifier

Best Wireless Home Audio Amplifier System


Now after GM-D8601, there is Pyle PTA66BT.6 Amplifier, which is the most budget-friendly option so far. I am only recommending the Pyle PTA66BT.6 amplifier for only Kicker comp R 12 as it can output 600 Watt Power which is sufficient to drive this sub.

The design of PTA66BT.6 Amplifier is decent, and with up to 6 speakers, you can add and power them. The PTA66BT.6 also features a Bluetooth Connectivity option, which is named “BT,” so your smart devices like Tab or Android phone or other smart device is allowed for wirelessly stream audio. On Pyle PTA66BT.6 you will find the “6” name could indicate that this amplifier supports a stereo configuration, which means at least two audio channels for left and right speakers.

On Pyle PTA66BT.6 you will find a bunch of build in control options on the front panel, including volume, terrible, bass and tone adjustments, and possibly source selection. Apart from Bluetooth, the PTA66BT.6 amplifier might also include other input options such as RCA inputs, USB and Mic input (MC1 and MC2), etc.

The design of Pyle PTA66BT.6 is super compact and easy to integrate into different audio setups, and from the driver seat, you can control it using the remote control. You will also find a digital display screen on Pyle PTA66BT.6 front body design, which shows information like Line, volume level, and other settings. So overall, the Pyle PTA66BT.6 is the best amplifier for the Kicker comp R 12 subwoofer.

Quick Buying Tips

When choosing an amplifier for your Kicker Comp R 12 and Kicker L7 15 subwoofers, the amplifier you choose should meet the subwoofer’s specifications. A few quick tips on buying:

Match RMS Power Ratings

The first rule of thumb is you have to look at the RMS power handling of your Kicker Subwoofer (stated in watts), and then you need to choose an amplifier whose RMS power falls within that range or slightly over it while additionally aligning with the subwoofer’s impedance. This ensures peak performance without compromising reliability.

Mono-Block Amplifiers

Team Fab-audio visual recommends you to prefer a mono (or monoblock) amplifier for your Kicker subwoofers because of their excellent efficiency in power delivery.

Adjustable Gain and Filters

For Kicker subwoofers, you can also look for an amplifier that features adjustable gain controls, so with this great feature, you will really get help in matching amplifier output to your headphone unit input. Also, with adjustable low-pass filters and bass boosts,, you can fine-tune sound as you like.


I will also recommend you to select an amp with high efficiency so that more conversion of electrical power into sound output and less heat will be done (Increasing the life span of the amplifier)

Cooling and Build Quality

Always choose an amplifier for Kicker subwoofers with good build quality and cooling mechanisms. Amplification typically overheats due to the heat generated during use, so ventilation and heat management are vital to keeping them cool.

Wiring and Installation

If you wish to achieve optimal results from your Kicker subwoofers and amplifier, use wiring gauges that are aligned with the amplifier’s power requirements.

Budget Considerations

Do select amps that are friendly with your pockets before shopping. Quality-wise amplifiers with more features like advanced connectivities and sound controls will cost you more. For light pockets, there are also amplifiers under $100 to $200, so don’t miss to check them out.

In A Nutshell

All out amps listed for Both Kicker subwoofers (Kicker comp r 12 and Kicker l7 15) are great; the only amp not recommended for Kicker l7 15 is Pyle PTA66BT.6. So, in the most budget-friendly range, the Pyle PTA66BT.6 Amplifier is recommended as under $100 you can get it. Where people having a budget under $200, the range can grab Pioneer GM-D8601, and better if you increase $100 more as Rockford Fosgate R500-1D easily comes under $300 with more features. The bit mid-range amp is KICKER CXA1200.1 which you can purchase under the $500 range, and in performance, it is super duper.

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