If you are a gamer and have a PC gaming setup and PS4 workstation for streaming, but you are tired and trying to pair your studio quality headphone or mic (having a quarter-inch connector) that didn’t connect with your PS4 console.

If you have purchased an audio interface to connect your headphones or other device with a quarter-inch connector but do not know how to connect an audio interface to a PS4 (PlayStation 4), do not worry. You are at the right place.

Connecting an audio interface to a PS4 can open up a world of enhanced audio possibilities, allowing you to use studio-grade microphones, monitor speakers, and even external instruments with your console. But you cannot directly pair the audio interface to your PS4 as it is not officially supported.

Connecting an audio interface directly to a PS4 isn’t officially supported and has limited functionality due to the PS4’s audio limitations. I will show you two main workarounds you can try, depending on your needs. We will examine the primary methods for connecting, though they are more complex than plug-and-play.

Step-by-step guide for connecting audio interface to PS4

Optical Output for Audio Monitoring

With this method, you can easily monitor game audio through your studio monitors paired to your audio interface, but you will still use your PS4 controller’s microphone for chat. A standard and easy method for setting up accounts is this one.

You’ll need: First, you need an audio interface with a TOSLINK (optical) output, and almost all modern interfaces have one. The only thing you need now is a TOSLINK cable, which you will have to purchase.

Let me tell you how to connect. First, you have to go to your audio interface, and then you have to connect the TOSLINK cable interface’s optical output there. Now connect the other end of the TOSLINK cable to the optical input on your PS4, a port usually found next to the HDMI port.

After the optical cable connection, you have to go to your PS4 settings and then Sound. After that, you have to select Audio Output and then Primary Output Port, which you must set to Optical Output. However, these settings will output all audio (chat and party included) through paired monitors, which is only ideal for some.

USB Audio

With this method, you have more flexibility since the interface can be used for input as well as output (Studio microphone, instruments, speakers). You may not be able to use it with all audio interfaces, though. There are a few steps you need to follow.

You’ll need

  • Audio Interface with USB port.
  • A USB cable.

You can connect it by connecting the USB cable from your audio interface to the USB port on your PS4. Now you have to Go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices and then set the input and output device to USB Headset.

The big thing you need to Do is Go to the PS4 settings and after a bit of scrolling down you will find the Sound and Screen option which has to open. Then you have to find and select Audio Output Settings, you have to go to the Primary output port option and select Digital out to Optical so your headphone or other device is ready to work.

USB Headset Adapter

With the help of a USB Headset Adapter, you can easily use your microphone with your PS4. I recommend using the Turtle Beach Ear Force Chat Adapter or Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Companion. You simply have to connect your audio interface’s microphone input to the adapter’s mic jack, and then you have to plug the adapter into a USB port on your PS4. So, it will route your microphone audio to the PS4 for party and chat; there will be no effect on in-game audio as well.

Things to Keep in Mind

Maybe my mentioned method didn’t work with all audio interfaces or games, and maybe you would not be able to utilize all those features of your audio interface like mixing or direct recording from your PS4. By using an optical connection method it will mix all audio so it is not better for ideal communication. After connecting everything, you have to only adjust the audio levels in both your PS4 settings and your audio interface control panel.

How can I connect my condenser microphone when playing ps4 while streaming?

If you have a condenser microphone and want to pair it but do not know the right procedure, then follow my instructions. You need a USB microphone adapter like Blue Yeti Nano Phantom Power Supply, which will provide phantom power needed by condenser microphones and convert their XLR connection to USB, then they are compatible with PS4. You simply have to pair your condenser microphone to the adapter (by using an XLR cable), then you have to go to the USB port on your PS4 and plug the adapter into it. After that, you have to go to PS4 main settings > Select > Sound and then Device, and there you will select your USB microphone. If needed, then you can also do basic settings.

Firstly, you have to open Saffire Mix Control, and then you have to change the sample rate to 48 KHz. Now you have to go to settings and check ‘’Use ADAT 2 as Optical SPDIF. Now you have to go to the Mixer window and then you have to combine mono channels to Stereo channels and select SPDIF to 2.1. Now you have to save settings, and you will start hearing sound from your PlayStation 4. You can check my greatly made guide on getting a perfect audio interface for Ableton Live and Mixcraft studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect my Bluetooth headphones to my audio interface?

You cannot connect your Wireless Bluetooth headsets to your audio interface as in most cases many audio interfaces typically have physical inputs and outputs which you can use to connect your speakers, headset and your other audio devices by using cables. In Bluetooth technology, there is wireless connectivity, but audio interfaces are usually equipped with something different than Bluetooth receivers.

Typically, audio interfaces connect via wires like 3.5mm jacks, XLR, or USB, whereas Bluetooth headphones operate Wirelessly. I will tell you some workarounds; you can use a Bluetooth transmitter that will convert analog audio signals from your interface to Bluetooth signals so your headphones can easily pick them up. Secondly, you can use a dedicated wireless interface so you can pair your headphones directly without needing an extra transmitter. There will be a higher cost associated with these interfaces, but wireless monitoring has a lot of advantages over wired monitoring.

How can I stream with an audio interface on PS4?

You should look for alternative approaches to overcome limitations in the PS4 console’s audio output for live streaming. While direct routing from an audio interface to the PS4 may not be possible, there are ways you can use to achieve high-quality audio when streaming from your PS4. You can use a dedicated capture card with optical audio, and you have to simply pair your microphone with your audio interface and then the audio interface’s optical output to a capture card (must support optical audio input). You can use software solutions with virtual audio routing like Elgato Sound Capture or VoiceMeeter for perfect streaming. If you can invest in a PS4 streaming headset, then this one is a great way, and you can do audio settings and in-game options.

What do I choose between USB vs. optical audio interface for PS4 gaming?

In order to choose between optical and USB audio interfaces for PS4 gaming, be sure to take your preferences and setup into consideration. If you value simplicity and convenience, a USB interface is a good choice. However, if you prioritize superior audio fidelity and minimal electrical interference, I suggest choosing an optical audio interface.

In order to maximize PS4 gaming performance, I advise steering clear of optical audio interfaces and concentrating on USB alternatives. You can Tailor your choices based on your objectives, such as prioritizing microphone inputs and surround sound support for your streaming and recordings.

Alternatively, you have to focus on low latency and adequate inputs/outputs for enhanced audio. The price of additional features often rises with their availability. You have to learn from other experiences by reading already placed reviews to ensure the selected interface aligns with your budget and increases your gaming experience. Remember, USB interfaces enhance audio, but they do not directly replace optical connections.

Can I do External mixer integration with PS4 using audio interface?

Due to the limitations of the PS4’s internal system, it isn’t possible to integrate an external mixer directly into your PS4 for live streaming or enhanced audio. You can, however, use alternative methods to achieve similar results. You can use a capture card with optical audio or software solutions with virtual audio mixing.

How can I set up a PS4 party chat setup with an external audio interface?

Because of limitations in the PS4’s audio output, setting up a PS4 party chat directly with an external audio interface is not possible. Unlike Xbox One, the PS4 does not support audio routing through external devices such as audio interfaces. But still, there are some possibilities, like the use of Elgato Sound Capture, the use of microphone audio with party chat audio, or getting a PS4 Streaming Headset.

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